Rent Manager and Qira Announce Payments Integration

Author: Kasee Godwin
Date: 01.30.2024

Rent Manager and Qira Announce Payments Integration, Introducing Revolutionary Pay Later Services

[New York City, 1/24/24] – Qira, a leading financial management platform, is excited to announce its comprehensive payments integration with Rent Manager, a leader in property management software. 

This collaboration represents a significant leap forward in property management solutions, particularly with the launch of Pay Later services integrated with Rent Manager. This integration combines Qira’s financial expertise with Rent Manager’s robust property management capabilities, offering a solution that reshapes the landscape of property management tech offerings.

Pay Later, a standout feature of this integration, enables residents to disperse their rent payments throughout the month, with Qira ensuring timely rent payments to managers. This service offers residents financial flexibility and results in higher collection rates for managers.

Qira’s integration with Rent Manager brings residents a new financial amenity. Pay Later is a powerful tool for residents, allowing them to manage cash flow more effectively while still meeting their rental obligations. This flexibility is a convenience for residents and offers a significant competitive advantage for properties, making them more attractive to prospective and current residents.

Properties offering Pay Later have reported much higher collection rates, underscoring the effectiveness of this service. This integration significantly enhances the collaboration between property management and financial services, providing tangible benefits for residents and property managers.

Qira CEO Revital Gadish says, “We at Qira are thrilled about our integration with Rent Manager. This collaboration is more than just a merging of services; it’s a fusion of our dedication to innovation and customer-focused solutions. This underscores our commitment to providing residents financial flexibility and property managers with reliable collection solutions.”

Qira’s services, including Pay Later, are offered at no cost to property management partners. For more information about this exciting integration and its benefits, please contact the Qira team.

About Qira

Qira was established in 2021 through the merger of two fintech powerhouses and has quickly emerged as a leader in the rental industry’s financial management sector. 

The company focuses on innovative solutions to enhance the rental experience, offering services that blend property technology with financial expertise. With a commitment to improving the interactions between property managers and residents and increasing financial flexibility for renters, Qira stands out for its forward-thinking approach and dedication to providing efficient, user-friendly financial tools. 

For more details, visit www.Qira.com

About LCS

Incorporated in 1987 and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, LCS develops business-critical software used in all 50 states and several global markets. LCS products include Rent Manager® property management software, rmVoIP telephone systems, and enterprise-level hosting solutions via its Sentry Data Center.

LCS also provides complete network design, implementation support, and custom website development through its IT Services and Web Design Services divisions. Supporting more than 10,000 property management companies in every industry vertical, LCS combines the best technologies with best practices to create unique, affordable, customer-focused products and services.

For more information about LCS, please visit LCS.com.


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