Qira: Renting Reassessed

Reinventing the financial flow for the rental industry


Our ideal partners

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owners, operators, and managers

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Single family

owners, operators, and managers


Other prop-tech innovators

we are always looking for new and exciting partnership opportunities, please reach out to us if you would like to explore a potential partnership

Solutions for your business

Here at Qira, we have a renter-first mentality, so offering residents a way to pay rent flexibly is top-of-mind. With our Pay Later feature, residents can defer all or a portion of their rent to pay on their terms. Qira will pay you on behalf of the resident so you can enjoy a 100% collection rate


Customize it

not all businesses are the same- let Qira build a custom tech solution for you


Full integration

Save yourself some hassle. Qira is fully integrated with most core property management software systems


Offer an amenity

offer residents a way to manage their on their terms


Exceptional user-experience

for partners and renters


Dedicated onboarding

Unlike others in this space, where a partner is one of tens of thousands, Qira is a boutique financial option committed to giving each client white-glove support


Participate in revenue sharing

Qira is happy to share in revenue with you, our partner


Create operational efficiencies

We streamline the entire financial cycle for residentsfrom the monthly rent to move out to collections

How we compare

Qira scheme
Offers cash-backed traditional Security Deposit management
Offers cash-backed Security Deposit Alternatives
Offers 2 times the security deposit coverage
Pays partners their full security deposit claims within 48 hours
Is fully Integrated with core property management software
Offers lower fees for security deposit program to renters
Offers lower fees for Pay Later to renters
Offers dedicated customer support for partners and renters
Offers 1:1, white-glove onboarding for partners
Offers a white-labeled app for partners
Offers revenue sharing for partners
Are experts in handling resident risk
Offers online application services
Offers online screening services
Offers a Pay Later service that is not a subscription-based model
Is comprised of a team of financial and real estate technology experts