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Rental Technologies Redesigned

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Rent Collection & Payment Processing


Collect online payments via a white-labeled mobile app or the Qira app


Allow residents to submit maintenance requests and communicate with the leasing team


Allow residents to view upcoming charges and payment history


Residents can sign up for automatic payments, submit one-time payments, or defer payments using Pay Later


Easily access your custom property management portal to add & edit your rent roll, view lease information, and manage your expiration schedule

Pay Later


Allow residents to defer up to 90% of their outstanding balance for a low fee (as low as 1.5% of the the amount deferred)


Residents can avoid hefty late fees


Qira pays on behalf of the resident, so our property management partners can enjoy a 100% collection rate


Security Deposit Program


Rather than requiring renters to pay a security deposit in a lump sum at move-in, allow them the option to pay a nominal monthly fee (as low as $5/month).


The renter will keep their cash in their pocket, and Qira will assume all risk


If the renter does incur charges at move-out, Qira will pay those claims to our property management partners within 1-2 business days on the resident’s behalf


Settlement of those charges will be handled completely between the resident and Qira


If a renter would like to opt into a traditional security deposit program and pay a lump sum at move-in, Qira can easily manage this for your portfolio

Resident Screening

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Qira’s screening service comes as a free and optional add-on for partners

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Qira will run the rental background, and soft credit check of a potential renter on our partners’ behalf

Products and Services

Qira will communicate with the applicant on behalf of partners who opt into this service.

Resident Collections


Qira’s collections service is a free and optional add-on for partners. It provides a simple solution for cleaning up delinquent accounts.


Qira acts as a property manager’s third-party collections agency, communicates with the resident, and creates a payback plan.


Statistically, third-party services like Qira have a higher collections rate as they are dedicated to collecting outstanding balances. Utilizing Qira’s collections service results in bottom-line revenue and frees onsite teams from tedious collections duties.