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Pay Later

Get paid on time, every time. Ensure residents are not late or delinquent on their rent.

Pay Later

Allow residents to defer up to 90% of their outstanding balance for a low fee (as low as 1.5% of the the amount deferred)

Residents can avoid hefty late fees with our pay rent now pay later service

Qira pays on behalf of the resident, so our property management partners can enjoy a 100% collection rate

How it works

With our Pay Later feature, residents can defer all or a portion of their rent to pay on their terms. Qira will pay you on behalf of the resident so you can enjoy a 100% collection rate.

Enable integration between your portfolio & Qira

Residents will automatically see the option to "Pay Later" in their payment portal

Residents can opt-in to defer up to 90% of their rent

The resident will be screened via Qira AI

Once the resident is approved, Qira will pay the property on the resident's behalf

The resident will pay Qira back on a schedule of their choosing

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