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Security Deposit Program

The #1 alternative to traditional security deposits - safeguard your portfolio while boosting resident satisfaction

Security Deposit Program


Rather than requiring renters to pay a security deposit in a lump sum at move-in, allow them the option to pay a nominal monthly fee as low as $5/month


The renter will keep their cash in their pocket, and Qira will assume all risk


If the renter does incur charges at move-out, Qira will pay those claims to our property management partners on the resident’s behalf


Settlement of any charges will be handled completely between the resident and Qira


If a renter would like to opt into a traditional security deposit program and pay a lump sum at move-in, Qira can easily manage this for your portfolio

How it works

Offer residents the option to pay their security deposit upfront or to opt to pay a small monthly fee. Let Qira assume the risk and responsibility on behalf of the renter.

Residents will be invited to sign up for the Security Deposit Alternative before moving in

Residents will complete a brief eligibility questionnaire

Upon approval by Qira, residents will set up their monthly payments

Qira will notify the property that the resident is on Qira's Security Deposit Alternative plan & update their ledger

Qira will promptly pay any outstanding damage claims to our property partners on the resident's behalf at the end of the lease

Throughout the process, enjoy 24/7 support for property management partners and residents

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