Pay Later Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: February 1, 2019
Last updated: May 28, 2021

Flexible Rent Date Service

Tenant Terms of Use

Qira offers tenants the opportunity to obtain goods and services from 3rd party providers who are unaffiliated with your landlord or lease. The “Flexible Rent Date Service” is a 3rd party service offered by Qira.

To qualify for this service, provided by Qira, you must already be an active user of Qira. To access this service, you must apply separately through your Qira App and be separately approved. If you choose to utilize the “Flexible Rent Date” service from Qira, then these “Flexible Rent Date” Customer Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply to your use of this service, and shall form part of your existing agreement with Qira (the “Qira Terms of Use”).

Capitalized terms used in these Flexible Rent Date Service Customer Terms of Use are as defined in your current Qira Terms of Use.

This is an addendum to your Qira Terms of Use that you already accepted with Qira. It modifies those Terms of Service to apply when you utilize the “Flexible Rent Date” service. Application for and use of the “Flexible Rent Date” service does not modify your Property Agreement (i.e. lease), though it does provide you with the opportunity to delay a rental payment by up to 14 days, through Qira, without incurring any late fees or other late payment penalties that may apply to your underlying lease if you make your flexible rental payment on time and in full.

Please read these Flexible Rent Date Service Customer Terms of Use form carefully as they will become part of your Qira Terms of Use if you qualify for and utilize the “Flexible Rent Date” service:

  1. If approved, you can elect a payment date (“Flexible Date”) that is up to 14 days later than your original payment date as scheduled in the Property Agreement (i.e. lease).
  2. You can choose to defer up to 90% of your total amount due for the month.
  3. Application for this service is a free, one-time process that is based on your credit and payment history. Once approved, you will be eligible to use this service as long as you remain in good standing.
  4. Once you have been approved for participation in the Flexible Rent Date service, you must accept Qira’s service through the App or through contacting Qira’s customer support on or before the Principal Payment (i.e. rent) due date as specified in your Property Agreement (i.e. lease) in order to activate this the Flexible Rent Date Service for a particular month.
  5. Once your request is submitted, it is not effective until Qira provides you with a confirmation, which will be provided to you through the communication method provided in the App.
  6. If you have not already been approved for the use of the Flexible Rent Date service, be aware that you may not be approved or may not be approved in time, so you are strongly encouraged to apply for the service before the rent due date. If you are not approved on or before your rent payment due date as specified in your lease, you may be considered late and Qira will collect your normal rent payment on the date due on your lease.
  7. Once approved for participation, you may choose the eligible Flexible Date, up to 14 days after the rental due date indicated on your lease. Qira will charge your Principal Payment through the preferred method of payment that you specified in the Account on that date.
  8. Once paid, Qira will settle your Principal Payment to the Program Manager as agent of the Program Manager.
  9. Utilizing this service and making a Payment on the eligible Flexible Date rather than your original due date won’t be considered a late payment under the Property Agreement (i.e. lease) and won’t be subject to late payment fee by your Program Manager if such a fee is already included in the Property Agreement (i.e. lease).
  10. Flexible Rent Date Service applies just to the specific Principal Payments (i.e. rent payments) for the month you elected to opt-in. You will need to opt-in to this service for any additional months.

Additional Details:

  1. If you are approved for the Flexible Rent Date Service, you may pay a fee to enable you to delay a single monthly rent payment for up to 14 days without penalty. You may choose the payment due date up to 14 days after the original monthly due date. For example, if the regular rent due date is the first of the month, you may choose to pay up to the 14th of the month without penalty.
  2. Additional Payment Method: To be eligible for this Service, you must provide Qira with an additional secondary source of payment. If the full payment for the rent and any applicable fees for this service is not fully covered by the primary payment method, the secondary source will automatically be debited for any remaining balance plus any applicable fees, including any fees that may accrue for the use of the secondary source (such as ACH return fees).
  3. You may utilize this service to delay your Principal Payment (i.e. rent) payment as many times as you’d like. Qira will notify you if you become ineligible for this service.
  4. NOTE that the Flexible Rent Date service is not effective for a particular month until a confirmation has been sent by Qira.
  5. Qira reserves the right to conduct a credit or other check on the date of application each time you apply to have your rental payment delayed.

Rent Collection at the Flexible Date:

  1. On the chosen Flexible Rental Due Date, Qira will charge the preferred method of payment.
  2. In case of a failure to collect your Principal Payment (i.e. rent), any fees through your preferred method of payment will be charged your second method of payment.

Failure to collect rent at the flexible date:

  1. If the primary and secondary forms of payment are not successful, Qira reserves the right to attempt to use each method of payment the maximum number of times permitted by law to recover any funds. You will be liable for any fees incurred by Qira if a secondary form of recovery is required.
  2. If Qira remains unable to collect your Principal Payment (i.e. rent) payment within three (3) Business Days of the Flexible Rent Date (i.e. the delayed date you choose), a failure to pay shall be reported to your Program Manager (i.e. landlord)
  3. Any late payments may only be cured by bringing the entire rental balance current. In other words, missing a month’s payment will mean that the tenant is perpetually late, and the landlord may take steps, including collections and eviction procedures, to bring the tenant to current status.
  4. Qira may provide options for you to make up any missed payments, and any late or other fees. Please contact Qira with any questions.


  1. The applicable fee for the Flexible Rent Date Service for a particular month will be 1.5% of the monthly rent. If the fee changes, at Qira’s sole discretion, any changes will be disclosed to you prior to the engagement of the Service for a particular month.
  2. No fees will be charged to you for months that you do not utilize the Flexible Rent Date Service.
  3. A payment processing fee will be added to the cost of the Service if applicable, according to the Qira Terms of Use.
  4. Fees for this Service will be charged along with your payment at the scheduled Flexible Date.


  1. To be eligible for this service you must have two-month history of successful Principal Payments (i.e. rent payments) paid through the Qira App.
  2. Qira may conduct an additional credit check or other assessment of your projected ability to pay, and additional eligibility conditions may apply and are subject to the sole discretion of Qira.

Privacy Policy:

  1. In order to be approved and to continue to utilize the Flexible Rent Date Service, you agree to allow Qira to collect and use personal and technical data about you. This may include sensitive, private and personal information, suc has your date of birth, drivers’ license information, occupation, salary, employer information, banking information and other sensitive information.
  2. Qira may share information with third parties to make any inquiries that it considers necessary to verify your identity and reduce the chance of fraud.
  3. Qira will not provide any payment account information to any third party other than our payment processor or bank, your Property Management Company or its payment processor, or other parties that may be required to facilitate a payment transaction,including detecting fraud or verifying identity, without your prior express consent.
  4. Qira may share your personal information with third parties to make any inquiries it considers necessary to verify your identity and reduce the chances of fraud in your Account.
  5. Qira may also share information about a potential default/late payment to other parties who may be jointly and severally responsible for making a monthly payment, such as tenants or subtenants, multiple parties on the lease or other parties. This may include information about late payments, insufficient funds, debt collection activities and other information that may be highly personal.
  6. Qira may share de-identified information internally and with third parties.
  7. Qira may collect and use technical data and related information—including but not limited to technical information about your mobile device, system and application software, and peripherals—that is gathered periodically to facilitate the provision of software updates, product support, and other services to you related to the Qira App.
  8. You agree to receive e-mail, SMS notifications and calls to your cellular device through the use of auto-dialers and related technology from Qira and from the Property Management Company, as well as from any attorneys or other providers that may be necessary to collect in the event of a default. You have the right to decline to receive these communications from Qira through the Qira App.
  9. If you do not agree with our use and disclosure of your Personal Information in this way, you shall stop using our Services.
  10. Data Security: Qira shall utilize an appropriate Standard of Care as is appropriate to avoid unauthorized access, use or disclosure of any Personal Information.