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Effective Resident Communication: Tips for Property Managers

Author: Kasee Godwin
Date: 06.21.2023

Effective Resident Communication: Tips for Property Managers

Looking to enhance resident communication in your property management? Effective communication is crucial for a successful renting experience. This blog post will discuss four essential strategies to improve resident communication, including automated messaging, newsletters, community events, and promptly responding to requests and concerns. Read on to discover how these tactics can foster strong relationships, address resident needs, and create a sense of community at your property.

resident communication in property management

Effective communication strategies enable you to establish strong relationships with your residents, address their concerns and needs, and build a sense of community at your property. In this blog post, we will discuss four ways to improve resident communication, including automated messaging, newsletters, community events, and promptly responding to requests and concerns.

Automated Messaging

Using automated messaging is one of the best ways to improve resident communication. 

This tool enables you to send regular updates and reminders to your residents without requiring manual drafting and sending of emails or texts. 

Automated messaging can send rent reminders, maintenance updates, community news, and more. This method ensures that residents know all relevant information and reduces the risk of missing important updates. 

It is also a time-saving tool that allows property managers to focus on other essential tasks. To utilize the benefits of automated messaging, look at your resident payment platform to see what can be automated!


Sending regular newsletters to your residents is another effective way to improve resident communication. Newsletters can be used to inform your residents of upcoming events, community news, and building updates. 

You can also include helpful information, such as local news, tips on how to save energy, and fun facts about the area. This method is an excellent way to engage with your residents and keep them informed. 

Community Events

Hosting community events is an excellent way to improve resident communication and create a sense of community. Depending on your residents’ interests, you can organize events like barbecues, game nights, or holiday parties. 

These events allow your residents to get to know each other and foster a sense of community. It is also an excellent opportunity for property managers to interact with their residents and receive feedback on their experiences. 

Responding to Requests and Concerns Quickly

One of the most critical aspects of resident communication is responding to requests and concerns in a timely manner. When a resident submits a maintenance request or raises a concern, make sure you respond promptly and provide updates as necessary. This will show your residents that you value their input and are committed to addressing their needs. 

Failing to respond promptly can lead to frustration and potentially escalate the situation. 

Improving resident communication is key to creating a positive renting experience

By utilizing automated messaging, newsletters, and community events, responding quickly to requests and concerns, and using social media, you can build strong relationships with your residents and foster a sense of community. By adopting these strategies, property managers can reduce stress and increase satisfaction among their residents.


Kasee Godwin

Position: Director of Marketing
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Kasee is the Director of Marketing for Qira. She has nearly 15 years of experience in the real estate marketing industry, including 10 years on the client side. In her spare time, she enjoys reading science fiction, exploring new wineries, and fostering Golden Retrievers.

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