Qira Quarterly Product Roundup – Q1 2023

Author: Kasee Godwin
Date: 04.13.2023

Here at Qira, our goal has always been to streamline financial operations for our partners while offering renters financial flexibility. 

The team has been hard at work across the product, technology, implementation, and marketing teams to bring our partners fresh new features. 

Read more about our first-quarter product and feature releases below-

More fluid integrations with property management software

Thousands of businesses in the rental space partner with Yardi, RealPage, and other property management software providers, and rely on their sophisticated operational technology. Last year our partners asked for deeper integrations with these providers; we listened and delivered. 

With bidirectional integrations, Qira clients on our payments platform can enjoy sophisticated instantaneous ledgering. 

These integrations mean that when a resident pays rent, ancillary charges, or fees via Qira, their ledgers will update in real-time. And, say, a resident drops off a paper check to the leasing office or otherwise manually updates their ledger; their Qira portal reflects the payment. 

Deeper, more sophisticated integrations are integral to streamlining operations. By taking this next step to a more bi-directionally integrated process, we are thrilled to provide more value to partners, less confusion for residents, and more time saved for onsite teams. 

Pay Later offers flexibility for renters

Along with smarter integrations, we worked hard to create more flexible settings for our onsite team members.  

Each property and portfolio has a unique operations flow, accounting system, and technology stacks. As a result, more than a one-size-fits-all approach is needed in the rental industry. 

Among other features in the partner portal, we released the ability to enable mandatory single payments for renters.  Utilizing this feature means that an onsite team can require a resident to pay their total balance in one payment. 

Additionally, we enabled our Pay Later service for all renters on the Qira platform. With Pay Later, residents can defer up to 90% of their rent, but property managers will receive on-time payment in full from Qira. 

Laws vary state by state and city by city, so we knew that offering more flexibility within our Pay Later program was vital to the success of our partners. Offering this new feature will allow property management partners more control over how residents can pay. 

A fresh look for Qira

You may have noticed that Qira is looking different this quarter. 

Partners of ours probably remember that Qira was not always Qira. Our company was born from a merger of two powerhouse companies: Rentigo and Hello Rented. Rentigo formed the foundation of our payment processing platform, while Hello Rented’s cutting-edge underwriting technology has allowed us to build and iterate on our security deposit program. 

While we will always be grateful to our roots, we have spent the last several months building a brand specific to Qira. Specifically, we became obsessed with the idea of telling our story: Renting Reimagined. 

At Qira, we believe that the old way of doing business is not necessarily the right way to do business. Instead, we believe that there is a more innovative way for our partners to manage the financial cycle for residents, and renters, in turn, deserve the freedom to control their finances in a way that makes sense for them. 

With that goal in mind, we launched a fresh, new website and updated our visual brand across all channels, including the Qira app. 

In addition to graphics improvements, we leveraged our top-notch, user-focused Product and Technology teams to simplify navigations, optimize workflows, and allow renters and partners easier use of the Qira platform. 

Thank you to our partners

We would be remiss if we did not take a moment to thank our valued partners. Being a technology-first company is complicated, with roughly one million moving parts. We could not iterate, improve, and innovate without onsite team members’ feedback and property management partners’ support. 

If you want to learn more about Qira’s offerings, please visit our partners’ page


Kasee Godwin

Position: Director of Marketing
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Kasee is the Director of Marketing for Qira. She has nearly 15 years of experience in the real estate marketing industry, including 10 years on the client side. In her spare time, she enjoys reading science fiction, exploring new wineries, and fostering Golden Retrievers.

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