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ESG in Property Management: Creating Eco-Friendly Rental Properties

Author: Kasee Godwin
Date: 06.22.2023

As concerns about climate change continue to escalate, the importance of sustainable living is gaining momentum. While many associate eco-friendly practices solely with homeowners, it’s essential to recognize that renters and property managers can also make a substantial impact. In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in property management and provide valuable tips on how to make your rental property more environmentally friendly.

ESG in Property Management: Creating Eco-Friendly Rental Properties

Property managers must focus on incorporating ESG principles into their operations as the urgency to address climate change grows. ESG, which stands for environmental, social, and governance, serves as a standard for evaluating companies based on non-financial factors that can influence their long-term success. By considering ESG factors, property managers can reduce their environmental impact and enhance the value and desirability of their rental properties.


What is ESG?

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. Investors use this standard to evaluate companies on non-financial factors that could affect their success. ESG factors include a company’s impact on the environment, its relationship with employees and customers, and its corporate governance. In recent years, ESG investing has become increasingly popular.

What does ESG mean for property managers?

For property managers, ESG means paying attention to environmental factors that could impact the long-term value of a property. A building that is energy-efficient and eco-friendly will likely have a lower carbon footprint and lower energy costs, making it a more attractive option for residents. Additionally, renters are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and may seek eco-friendly rental properties. By making your rental property more sustainable, you can attract and retain tenants and increase the value of your property.

Tips for making your rental property eco-friendly

  • Use energy-efficient lighting

Switching to energy-efficient lighting is an easy and cost-effective way to make your communities more sustainable. LED light bulbs use less energy and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, making them an excellent option for property managers. Additionally, installing motion sensors or timers on lights can help reduce energy consumption even further.

  • Install low-flow fixtures

Installing low-flow fixtures, showerheads, and faucets can significantly reduce water usage in your rental property. Not only will this help conserve water, but it can save your residents money on their water bills. Repairing leaks can prevent waste and save money on repairs. Consider AI tools to catch maintenance issues before they become significant problems. 

  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products

Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products can reduce the number of harmful chemicals in your rental property. Many traditional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can harm people and the environment. Using eco-friendly cleaning products can create a healthier living environment for your tenants and reduce your environmental impact.

  • Use sustainable materials

When making updates to your rental property, consider using sustainable materials. Materials such as bamboo flooring, recycled glass countertops, and salvaged wood can add a unique look to your rental property while reducing environmental impact. Additionally, using sustainable materials can help you attract eco-conscious tenants.

  • Provide recycling bins

Providing recycling bins in common areas can encourage tenants to recycle and reduce the waste your rental property generates. Additionally, setting up a composting program can reduce the amount of food waste and create a valuable resource for gardening.

  • Encourage sustainable transportation

Encouraging sustainable transportation options can reduce the carbon footprint of your rental property. For example, consider providing bike racks or partnering with a bike-share program. Additionally, providing electric vehicle charging stations can make your property more attractive to environmentally-conscious tenants who drive electric vehicles.

Qira and Eco-Friendly Living

One of the unique ways that Qira supports ESG initiatives is through our security deposit alternative program.

Traditionally, renters must pay a large, upfront security deposit when leasing an apartment, which can tie up a significant amount of their finances and limit their ability to make eco-friendly choices. Qira’s security deposit alternative program allows renters to bypass the traditional security deposit requirement by paying a small fee. This gives renters greater control over their finances and frees up cash to make more environmentally conscious decisions, such as investing in energy-efficient appliances or using eco-friendly cleaning products.

By offering this program, Qira helps property managers attract and retain residents who prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. It also supports property managers in achieving their ESG goals by encouraging sustainable behavior among residents. 

By working with Qira, renters and property managers can contribute to a more sustainable future. Working together, we can reduce our environmental footprint, improve their social impact, and enhance governance practices, all while creating healthier and more sustainable living spaces.


Kasee Godwin

Position: Director of Marketing
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Kasee is the Director of Marketing for Qira. She has nearly 15 years of experience in the real estate marketing industry, including 10 years on the client side. In her spare time, she enjoys reading science fiction, exploring new wineries, and fostering Golden Retrievers.

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