A new look for the Qira apps

Author: Kasee Godwin
Date: 10.10.2022

For managing your finances to feel easy, we thought it was essential to make it easy on the eyes. So, we have completely refreshed our Qira brand and added new visual designs across all channels, including our app and website. 

Now, renters and partners will have the same intuitive experience across all devices and platforms. We leveraged our top-notch, user-focused Product and Technology teams to simplify navigations, optimize workflows, and allow renters and partners to get answers faster.

As always, we launched this product update with our renters and partners in mind; we hope you will find our new look as exciting as we do!


Kasee Godwin

Position: Director of Marketing
Social Networks

Kasee is the Director of Marketing for Qira. She has nearly 15 years of experience in the real estate marketing industry, including 10 years on the client side. In her spare time, she enjoys reading science fiction, exploring new wineries, and fostering Golden Retrievers.

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